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Monday, May 30, 2011

girly brunch 2.0

My friends and I are really trying to get into the tradition of having brunch together once a week, but we just can't seem to all get together at the same time! Twinsie accidentally slept in, Holly was working, Sarah is on her honeymoon, Kate is moving away, Simone was sick, and Ashley has family in town. Maybe next week? We had a great time anyway, mind you! Delicioussssss food!

This dress reminds twinsie and I of Carrie Bradshaw's Halston dress. Right?!
makeup- Lancome eyes, Clinique face, and Burt's Bees lips
amazing silver necklace- vintage (from my mom), earrings- Wet Seal, shoes- Steve Madden, dress- thrifted, belt- Express

dunlap trip

I went with my boyf to visit his best friend and his family in Dunlap, about 40 minutes from where we live. Dunlap is just gorgeous, but there's not much to do if you live there. We had a great time though, I played with animals and we ate yummy grilled food!

dress- Walmart, gladiator sandals- Target, necklace- Charlotte Russe, earrings and belt- vintage

Saturday, May 28, 2011

job interview part 2

For my second interview at Clinique, I got to have my skin analyzed and my makeup done! Definitely the most fun interview I've ever had. I am just waiting to do my last interview over the phone tomorrow night, and hopefully I will have the job! Keep fingers crossed/say prayers/send rainbows my way please!

dress- thrifted, belt- Forever 21, wedges- Target, necklace- Charming Charlie

ikat romper

My boyfriend and I went to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant for our friend Kate and Scott's going away party. They are moving away for the summer, but we might get to go visit them, which will be awesome! I'm in another color phase, apparently brown now. But this is my favorite outfit of the brown phase so far!

My face looks strange, but I wanted a picture of my matching makeup!

romper- Marshall's, belt- Forever 21, necklace- Target, cuff bracelet- JC Penney, earrings- Target, wedges- Forever 21

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sarah jane and john's wedding!

the adorable bride herself
the tools of my trade :)
at the reception (gorgeous by the way!)
boyf and I at Cloud 9 Lounge after the reception
dress- Forever 21, belt- thrifted, shoes and necklace- Charlotte Russe, bracelet- H&M

job interview part 1

I had an interview for the makeup counters at Belk a few days ago, and I wanted to look professional yet fashionable at the same time. I went with black, because that's a universal color for makeup artists and it looks conservative. I jazzed it up with some bright orange jewelry and lips. I had my second interview today, and I have one more phone interview to do. Wish me luck, I really want this job!

lips are MAC lipstick in Morange
dress- Target, necklace- Charming Charlie, earrings- H&M, shoes- Target, bangle- H&M

love love love

I've just been internet surfing tonight, and I have to share a couple of sites I am absolutely in love with right now. This blog is amazing, beautiful sweet treats. I want to make them all. The rainbow cake is first on my list!
This etsy shop has the cutest, most kawaii clothing and jewelry I have ever seen. I can't wait to reward myself with the panda romper when I get some money!
This is a site where you can create and order your own teaparty/lolita/babydoll dress. I am in love. I need one as a present, please!
And lastly, I found the photo of this cake and I don't know the source! Does anyone know who created this perfect cake? I must have it! (that's my tumblr that the picture links to)
Kisses and Cupcakes,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pool day

I laid out by the pool with some friends this past Friday, and then we got marginally spruced up and went to my favorite "fancy" burger joint for dinner. This dress is actually supposed to be a shirt, but I just got a large and wear it by itself!

notice my friend Cole photo bombing me here... I knew he was doing it, but it's funny nonetheless
dress- I think Forever 21, but I've had it for so long I don't really know. sweater- Forever 21, shoes-Forever 21 (it's like an advertisement for the store!) bag- Betsey Johnson

two looks

I went to lunch with my boyfriend, and to run some errands, and threw on a quick outfit. I kind of liked it, but I just felt something wasn't right about it. I think it was mostly because it was uncomfortable, due to the off the shoulder shirt and skirt that was too big. For the later part of the night, I changed into a more comfortable tank top, and added accessories so it wouldn't be boring.

outfit part 1-
shirt- Forever 21, belt- came with another dress from Charlotte Russe, sandals- Forever 21, necklace- Target, skirt- Forever 21 (several years ago)

outfit part 2-
tank top and same skirt from above- Forever 21, belt- Body Shop, cuff bracelet- Charlotte Russe, gold bracelets- H&M, pendant- vintage, Love necklace- Charlotte Russe, gold sandals- Target

semi casual

I threw this on to go to dinner with some friends, and as I was rather rushed, it's nothing particularly fancy. I know this would be considered dressed up for most people, but I dress up every day of my life! :)

wedges- Forever 21, jeans- Levi's, tshirt- H&M, sweater- Target, turquoise necklace- Charming Charlie

Monday, May 23, 2011

not a stripper

This was the day that a random very large woman at Walmart said I looked like a stripper...hahaha. I'm not very familiar with stripper wear, but I am fairly sure it does not constitute tights and a sweater. But I could be wrong! I was amused, to say the least.

dress- City Trends, sweater- Express, belt- Forever 21, tights- Charlotte Russe, boots- vintage, necklace and earrings- Charming Charlie

au natural

Since I am a makeup artist, I rarely am seen without makeup on. This was one of those rare occasions where I don't wash my hair after the pool day, or put makeup on. By the way, my tan is completely fake, courtesy of Tan Towels and SPF 100! After aesthetics school, I can't help but want to protect my skin forever. You won't catch me in a tanning bed!

Not sure why I look drugged in these pictures... ew. lol
shirt- American Eagle, jeggings- Target, boots- Blowfish, earrings- Forever 21

orange obsession

I go through these phases where I get obsessed with certain colors. A few months ago, it was teal. Now it's orange. And still teal. But anyway :) I've worn this outfit before, which I hardly ever do. But I felt like it was cuter this time, and I added makeup to match! So I'm posting it anyway (this won't happen hardly EVER!)

tank top- The Limited, skinny jeans- Levi's, boots- Blowfish from, sweater- TJ Maxx, Love necklace- Charlotte Russe, gold pendant- vintage, earrings- Forever 21

safari girl

I really love this dress. I always feel good when I wear it, and especially with my new stacked wedges from Forever 21! I think my confidence goes up double when I wear heels, because they make me look skinnier. It's hard to look very thin when you are 5'3" :)

I did a shimmery green fade eye look to go with the outfit

wedges- Forever 21, dress and belt- Forever 21, necklace- Charming Charlie

Friday, May 20, 2011

purple pants! (finally)

I've been talking about these pants for weeks, and I finally wore them. I went on a girly date with my mom and friend Ashley, and picked up an application to MAC (my dream job). I'm not sure if I'll have the opportunity to work with them just yet, but I might be getting a job at a different makeup counter (more on that later!)

that's my kitty, slingblade, being uncooperative as usual
striped shirt- City Trends, purple skinnies- Forever 21, cameo necklace- Rue 21, bracelet- Body Shop

Sunday, May 15, 2011

exotic bird

face- Bare Minerals in Golden Fair, cheeks- MAC Dollymix, eyes- MAC Goldenrod and lined with Carbon, lips- MAC Ruby Woo, lashes- Maybelline Great Lash
lunch at the English Rose

dress- thrifted and turned into a dress from a romper, shoes- Wet Seal, belt- thrifted, bracelet- Forever 21, earrings- vintage

mother's day

I naturally spent mother's day with my mom, and we had the best time! We had delicious brunch at the Bald Headed Bistro, followed by browsing at the Chattanooga Market. We relaxed at her house for a while, and sipped coffee. I gave her a scarf, a copy of The Girl Who Chased the Moon, and 3 pairs of earrings. Then we finished up the day with dinner at Greenlife. I'm already looking forward to next mother's day!

dress- thrifted (this is the dress that won me the thrift store style contest!), shoes- Charlotte Russe, necklace- Rue 21

summer brights

When I put on this super summery colored ensemble, I realized how incredibly pale I was. I've been using sunless tanner since then, so hopefully this issue has been remedied! I think this top will look super cute with some cropped pants and white wedges when it gets warmer.

cardigan- J.Crew, pants- Wet Seal, shirt- Rue 21, necklace- Charlotte Russe, shoes- TJ Maxx