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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pesky vs Poopy

This post is dedicated to twinsie, who made a posting like this on her blog, and inspired me :)
We both adore the book "Life is a Movie Starring You" by Jennifur Brandt, and in it she makes a list of her likes and dislikes titled "Pesky vs Poopy". So there you have it! Currently in my life the list is as follows:

Pesky (likes)
Staying with my mom and baking brownies at midnight
Painting my condo blue and pink
Picking out decorations and new furniture
Thrift store shopping
Reading, "The Lovely Bones" on my Kindle
My supremely pale skin (haven't tanned in nearly a year!)
Snow pictures
Learning to sew
Sleeping in a cool room with a warm blanket
Looking forward to dressing up for two movie premiers with twinsie!
Movie night with mom and Ash
The possibility of getting a body wave in my hair

Poopy (dislikes)
Feeling confused
Worrying about the future
Stressing about school
My dark under eye circles
Not having motivation to work out
The completion of my condo taking months
Boredom with my appearance
Wishing I had crammed more classes into each semester so I would be finished
Wondering about money and finding a job
My back hurting
Not having my camera cord, or a nice camera to take pictures with

Looks like there is at least one more positive than negative! :)

Kisses and Cupcakes,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Hello all! Today I am snowed in at my mom's house. We have been making fun of people all day for closing their stores early and refusing to leave the house, so we decided to go out and brave the weather. Our plan was to go see a movie and eat a nice dinner. We didn't quite get to do that, sadly. Almost every restaurant was closed, and so were the movie theaters :( We ended up eating at IHOP and going grocery shopping in case we are snowed in for the rest of the weekend.

I am staying with my mom, and am currently in the process of painting and decorating my new condo. I have gotten quite a bit of inspiration from the home design blogs I follow. My vision is a candy colored, girly oasis with black accents. My kitchen is going to be light pink, and cupcake themed! I am very excited about that. My living room is inspired by a photo I found in a blog, and I am trying to find all the elements to make it just right. I want it to look as much like the photo below as possible.

I found a gorgeous red couch at a thrift store for $100, but it needs to be re-upholstered. The main elements I am still looking for are the love seat, and the coffee table. Etsy has me covered on all the accessories.

More updates on the condo as it gets finished! If you're bored, ask me a question anonymously at or browse pictures at

Kisses and Cupcakes,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been watching a whole lot of Sex and the City lately. My boyfriend bought me the entire series for my birthday, and we have watched it together from beginning to end. Most of the time, when I watch a show or movie that I love, I form a crush on one of the characters in the movie. My earliest movie crush was John Travolta in Grease. When I was 12 years old, I was convinced I would either marry him or Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, lately as I have been watching movies and especially Sex and the City, I have not formed crushes on the male characters, but rather the female friendships. I am jealous of the relationship that the four girls from the show have. They do everything together, and can rely on one another for anything. I also covet the closeness of the girls in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the Golden Girls. I have always, always wanted a close-knit group of best friends I could hang out with. Now don't get me wrong, I do have three good friends that could potentially make up that infamous group.

I have Ashley, my best friend since she moved to Tennessee from California when we were in the sixth grade. She is extremely organized and school-oriented, and always a little bit on edge and nervous. She is always there for me, practically a sister to me. She has an adorable son, and a boyfriend she isn't so sure about all the time. She would be Miranda if we were the women of SATC.

I also have a Carrie, my friend Jazmyn. She is quite the fashionista, and is fiercely independent and opinionated. If I ever needed someone to punch another girl for my, I'd pick Jaz! Her boyfriend is an eerily accurate reincarnation of Aidan, as well. We are also so much alike that I'd consider myself at least half Carrie, too.

My friend Kalyn would be Samantha, and we always joke about this. She is confident and comfortable saying just about anything. She doesn't take any crap from men, and will do exactly what she wants with them, when it is convenient for her. If someone messes with her, they will regret it! She says hilarious and crude things often, and never fails to make me laugh.

That leaves me, the Charlotte of the group. I have never been drunk, or even smoked so much as a cigarette. I believe in love above all, and that everything happens for a reason. I can't wait to be married, and have a family I can take care of. All in a gorgeous Park Avenue apartment, with my pearls on of course! The only problem with my friend situation is that my friends are friends with me, not each other. They all have their own friends that they hang out with besides me, not including one another. In fact, two of them (I won't say which) blatantly don't like one another.

If I could meld all my girlfriends into that dream group, I think I'd have it all. I often dream of traveling and having a daily lunch with my three friends, or going shopping in a big city. I know this will probably never happen, but at least I still have them, even if it's not all at the same time :)

kisses and cupcakes,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi, It's Jess!

I've never really had a blog before, but I knew that I wanted to start one after reading Keiko Lynn's for a while. I'm so inspired by her, and I want my blog to have a similar feel. I'll be posting photos of my outfits, but also adding in posts about food, love, travel, etc. And to make everything more interesting, I get to use my boyfriend's wonderful camera to spice up my postings :) For anyone who is reading this that doesn't know me, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I am 23 years old, and live in Chattanooga, TN where there is nothing to do. I love cooking/baking, traveling, fashion, my boyfriend, my pet fox, Harry Potter, Muse, and many more things I'm sure no one cares to hear about! I decided that instead of sitting around taking online classes and being bored constantly, that I need to learn to do more for myself. So I have started this blog, opened up an Etsy shop for my vintage clothing/jewelry, and am learning to sew. I need something to keep me busy and motivated, because school stresses me out and gets me down so easily. I am also trying to lose some weight and get more fit, so I will be chronicling that as well. Here are a few photos of some of my favorite people & animals :)

My dad, Bill and step-mom, Miam.

My mom & best friend, Patty.

My boyfriend, Chris.

My sweet Fennec Fox, Sophie.

Kisses and Cupcakes,