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Saturday, February 26, 2011

This weekend has been one of the most boring and unproductive that I've had in months. Last night was full of frustrating returns and traffic, and a late dinner that we only went to because I had a coupon (that turned out we couldn't use!). I did enjoy spending a short time with my bff and boy last night, just sitting around. I have been experimenting with makeup in my boredom, and ended up doing a pink eyeshadow last night. Since makeup artistry will be my career in a matter of months, I've thought about doing some video tutorials. I don't know if anyone would watch them though... Anyway, I've included my eyeshadow look from yesterday :)

pink eyeshadow look inspired by the soon to come "Quite Cute" collection from MAC
This is one of those outfits that looked much better in person (I hope)
bow shirt that matches my tattoos-forever 21, shorts-body shop, tights-charlotte russe, boots-vintage, amazing charm bracelet that you can't really see-lucky brand

Friday, February 25, 2011

exeCUTE clothing and worst kept secret!

My friend Mikey designs a wonderful clothing line, exeCUTE clothing, and he released a new shirt a few days ago. We had a super fun photo shoot, and I can't wait until my boyfriend finishes editing the pictures! I wore my new shirt out to my boyfriend's show with his band, Worst Kept Secret, last night. I may be biased, but they were great as always! :)

shameless promotion- check out my boyfriend's amazing photography at
his band at
and Mikey's awesome clothing line at

tshirt-exeCUTE clothing by Mikey Jenny, skirt-vintage, tights-thrifted, boots-miss sixty (gift from boyf), earrings-body shop

Monday, February 21, 2011

secret garden

I saw a photo shoot that was set in the most beautiful garden, with soft colors and feminine fabrics, and it just made me want to dress girly and springtime! So I felt inspired, and wore this dress. I went to see Harry Potter with twinsie and BOUGHT MY TICKET TO VEGAS!!! I couldn't be more excited! We are going to have the best time ever, and wear the cutest outfits, you just wait! :D

dress-thrifted, sweater-gift from mom, tights-halloween store!, shoes-modcloth, necklace-charming charlie, earrings-express

urban stacked

There was a new restaurant opening this weekend, and my friends and I just had to try it. It's a "burger lounge" called the Urban Stack. It was packed, and we waited forever. But it turned out to be quite good, and I had fun with lots of my friends. Mainly Jaz, but that's to be expected. A girl told me I "looked so cute!" in the bathroom, and that always makes my day :)

dress-thrifted, shoes-charlotte russe, necklace-forever 21, earrings-natural body spa

I will be forever 21

We finally have a Forever 21 in Chattanooga!!!!! They had a soft opening on Thursday, and I couldn't resist, even though I was already planning to go to the grand opening on Saturday. It was amazing, as expected, and much larger than I even dreamed! Twinsie captured my excited face perfectly. I felt like Betsey Johnson in this rose print tunic, too.

tunic and long sleeved shirt-marshall's, tights-charlotte russe, flats-target, heart necklace-Guess

love and poppies

This was on a Wednesday night after school, and therefore I can't even remember what I did this night. That is sad! I guess that's what getting up at 6:30 in the morning does for me. Anyway, I love this dress. I love the green coat too, and with them together it's one of the best color combinations in my closet.

peacoat-forever 21, dress-forever 21, belt-tj maxx, tights-charlotte russe, boots-vintage, Love necklace-charlotte russe

Friday, February 18, 2011


I was in such a sad mood before Valentine's Day, that it took me until the day after to get in the mood to wear a themed outfit. I barely got to do anything in it, but twinsie came over and we made more crazy videos. I got this dress at the thrift store, and cut it off & belted it. Before, it looked like a circus tent!

awesome dress AND glasses-thrifted, belt-forever 21, socks-walmart, shoes-target, earrings-wet seal

valentine weekend

The day before Valentine's Day was when my boyfriend and I celebrated the holiday (sort of), and when I wore this outfit. We walked across the bridge and had lunch at a cafe, and had dinner at the delicious Blacksmith's Bistro. For actual Valentine's Day, I woke up to the sweetest thing on the kitchen counter (below) and I gave him a lovely vintage flask. We cooked dinner and dessert together, and sat around in our pajamas :)
notice the Star Wars card in the left corner there...hah

sweater-marshall's, tank top-the limited, jeans-levi's, boots-blowfish, necklace-charming charlie

black and cream part two

I've noticed that I tend to wear the same colors in chunks, like two or three days in a row of the same color combinations. Last time, it was black and yellow, and this past weekend it was black and cream. I wore this out to celebrate my friend Chris' birthday, the same day as I walked a 5K in honor of a different Chris (who I was much closer to). I won't go into detail about that, because it makes me very sad, but i'll jut say that he was a wonderful person and I miss him very much. I was in a sad mood this night, and didn't feel like coming up with a more creative outfit :/
However, I did wear opera gloves to a bar, where I ordered a coffee. Haha
dress-marshall's, tights-thrifted, shoes-charlotte russe, gloves-vintage, pearls-probably body shop

Twinsie and I at the Will to Live 5K

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

black and cream

I had another great date with my twinsie on this night! We went major thrifting, and even had this awesome old lady take our picture because we had so much stuff in our buggy. It was epic. Then we spent some time with my mommy, and went back to my condo to make some hilarious videos. Which, of course, I have included a link to :)

lace sweater-target, lace dress-rue 21, tights-charlotte russe, boots-vintage, belt-charlotte russe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

captain malcolm reynolds

In this outfit, I really felt like Nathan Fillion's character in Firefly. I normally don't dress so causally, and I kind of felt like a man the entire night. I'll be back to dresses and tights as soon as this tiring week is over. I love Nathan Fillion though!
PS- every time I photograph myself in these jeans, I remember how unflattering they are. Yikes.

I don't think I was ready for the picture there haha
sweater-express, jeans-can't ever remember, (blowfish), scarf-calvin klein (tj maxx) belt and jacket-thrifted

twinsie date!

I went on a fun filled, happy, satisfying date with my twinsie on Sunday that was filled with delicious food, heart-warming Disney, and girly laughing snorts. If it would have been a first date, we would be eloping to Vegas right now. Which is where we are going for her birthday, but that's another story :) I drove us to see Tangled, and it was epic. Both the driving and the movie! Heehee. Oh, the food was pretty epic, too. Italian salad, rolls, and Spumoni. MMMMM.

strange yellow eyeshadow going on here
amazing handmade dia de los muertos skeleton earrings-los cabos, mexico :)
necklace-rue 21, tunic-rue 21, pants-wet seal, cardigan-express, flats-rocket dog (tj maxx)

bumble bee

I wore this on the day before the Superbowl out to eat Mexican food. I realized shortly before going out, that the colors of the Steelers are black and yellow. I am NOT a football fan, and didn't really want to be mistaken for one, either. I kept looking around me at dinner to make sure someone wasn't staring at me and singing that stupid black and yellow song...haha! I made sure to wear neutral colors the next day.

I really wish my arms looked like this all the time
sweater-express, shirt-body shop, pants-citi trends, boots-vintage, earrings-vintage, scarf-levi's

forgetful heart

Friday was heart health awareness day, and what do you know? I DIDN'T WEAR RED! :( Very strange, because red is not only my favorite color, but the most prevalent color in my wardrobe. And I even wore it the day before, for Chinese New Year! Oh, well. I will remember next year!

necklace-charlotte russe, belt-vintage, tunic-wet seal, leggings-forever 21, shoes-marshall's

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year (year of the metal rabbit), so my roommate, mom and I went out for Chinese food at PF Changs. It was delicious of course, but I really always wish I was in China town in NYC for the new year celebrations. That was my favorite part when I was in New York! I posed in my picture with one of my many lucky cats (this one was a gift from twinsie), but you couldn't really see him, so I took a close up picture too. I also threw in a pic of me in my pajamas, because I was bored. :)
p.s. My birth year is a fire tiger! Grr!
lucky kitty #11!

cape-tuesday morning, sweater-wet seal, tights-thrifted, necklace-charming charlie, boots-had them since high school, no idea. probably tj maxx
pajamas! shirt-target, pants-victoria's secret :)