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Saturday, March 26, 2011

stripes and memories

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my sweet Chris' death. I will not go into that, because it's personal and depressing, but if you know me you know who he is and the situation. It was only appropriate for me to be with Jaz, since we were Chris' two closest girls, so we spent the night running errands and then having a bonding fest between us and my roommate. It definitely cheered me up :) I love my friends.

hair by twinsie
sweater- forever 21, skirt- wet seal, socks- target, shoes- too old to remember. they are falling apart :(

Sucker Punch

My boyfriend and I have been looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch for a long time, so we went to the midnight showing on Thursday. I decided to dress slightly themed, hence the dark eyes and tough girl look. The movie was great, with gorgeous girls, perfect makeup, awesome action scenes, and a unique plot. However, it has one of the worst endings I have ever seen! But I would recommend seeing it for the costumes and makeup alone.

shirt- target, skirt- body shop, belt- body shop, tights- thrifted and cut up myself, boots- miss sixty from tjmaxx, earrings- h&m, necklace- my favorite, had it so long I can't remember

Thursday, March 24, 2011

blue haired girl

Well I'm pretty much in love with my new hair! I've had it since Sunday, but hadn't worn any outfits except school clothes, so I'm just now getting to post it! Chelsea did an amazing job, and it makes me want even more color! Love!

long sleeved shirt-marshalls, jeans-tjmaxx, vest-tjmaxx, flats-thrifted, necklace-express

repeating theme

Here is yet another example of me wearing similar clothes a few days in a row. I am not exactly sure why I do this, but it's completely unconscious and quite funny! This outfit felt very Parisian to me, which I love. I didn't wear it for long though, because Chelsea finally did my hair :)

striped bodysuit-charlotte russe, long skirt-forever 21, belt-h&m, sandals-thrifted, neckalce-rue 21

roomie birthday date

I went to see Red Riding Hood, dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and out for drinks with my roommate for her birthday this past weekend. We were celebrating a few days late, and we had lots of strange complications that night, but we ended up having fun! I am usually the designated driver since I don't drink, but I can't drive a manual so a couple of our guy friends had to team up to drive us home! It was quite the adventure.

trying to get a shot of my jewelry and failing

puffy dress-body shop, cardigan-express, heels-tjmaxx, necklace-vintage, earrings-h&m

teal persuasion

Once my friend Chelsea and I decided that we would put teal streaks in my hair when we got home, I became obsessed with the color. I subconsciously bought new MAC shadows to match my hair, and wore a teal shirt. This was the day she was originally scheduled to do my hair, but she had car problems so we had to wait. It's done now though, and I am so excited to show you! :D

teal shirt-h&m, stretchy jean skirt-forever 21, flats-tjmaxx, jewelry-charlotte russe

Saturday, March 19, 2011

one year anniversary/st. patty's day

I am lucky (luck of the Irish, no doubt!) to have met the love of my life one year ago, and to be able to celebrate our anniversary on St. Patrick's day! We actually met for the first time 2 days before that, at a Muse concert, but the 17th was when we became inseparable, and knew we were meant to be :) We ate at our favorite restaurant, Bald Headed Bistro, and then went out with friends to the same bar we met up at last year. I am such a lucky girl, I don't even need a four leaf clover, because I've already gotten my wish :)

St. Patrick's Day makeup

green dress (the only one I own, wtf)-body shop, booties-charlotte russe, earrings-body shop, necklace-black market minerals
my sweet prince charming :)
oh, and the amazing cameo ring is a lip gloss tarina tarantino poison ring!

romantic photo shoot

My extraordinarily talented friend Kate asked me to be in a photo shoot for her a few days ago, and or course I agreed! Every time she takes photos of me, they are creative, beautifully edited, and flattering. So I was excited, needless to say! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented friends and boyfriend all the time! The shot of Chelsea and I was taken by Kate, and the one of me is by Jason, who also came along. Here are links to their websites: and

And obviously I took these, just for outfit purposes :)

lace dress, socks, and jewelry-charlotte russe,, hair-kayla at chattanooga state cosmetology

sin city fashion!

Goodness, are the people of Las Vegas flashy, colorful and amazing! Being there made me want to wear crazier makeup, color my hair, and get more tattoos. So look forward to some of that soon! I changed twice a day while we were there, except for the day we MET PARIS HILTON and she said she loved our outfits!!! There was no way I was changing after that! :D

dress- go international for target (and paris hilton liked it!!!!!)
romper-forever 21, heels-wet seal, necklace-express, bangle bracelet-body shop, tights-forever 21, bag-target
necklace- japan in epcot, dress-forever 21
dress-body shop, belt-forever 21, flats-thrifted, necklace-vintage
bodysuit-charlotte russe, skirt-h&m, boots-vintage, heart earrings-wet seal

raincloud colors

It was very cold the day before we left for Vegas, and I went to lunch with my mom so I could spend some time with her before I left. This was also twinsie's birthday night, and I so wish I would have taken a picture of what I wore out to the gay bar! I was just too tired by the time we got home. I may have to recreate the look again soon :)

turtleneck-forever 21, jeans-target, vest-miley cyrus for walmart, boots-charlotte russe, agate slice necklace-black market minerals

muted romance

I felt like dressing girly and romantic this day, but I also didn't want to be cold! So I compromised with this sheer, flowery top and my favorite dark skinny jeans.

trench coat- target, sheer top- charlotte russe, cardigan-charlotte russe, jeans- levi's designer, shoes-charlotte russe

mardi gras!

Sorry I've been super lax on the posting, I was in fabulous Las Vegas for my twinsie's birthday! Pics from that coming soon :) A few days before I left, it was Fat Tuesday so I dressed the part. I wasn't in love with this outfit, but I liked the concept. I ate at the Melting Pot with my mom, and it was delicious as always! The mask is from when I went to New Orleans this past summer!

fleur de lis shirt-thrifted, skirt and belt-vintage, tights-thrifted, boots and necklace-vintage (go me! haha)

Monday, March 7, 2011

wardrobe doldrums

I'm having one of those weekends where nothing looks good on me. Strange, you'd think, since I have an entire room full of clothing. But it happens. Friday night, I tried on so many things, I trashed my closet room, and all I ended up with was a grey and black blah. It is also worth noting that I changed 3 times on Saturday, and felt that none of the outfits were even worth blogging. Sigh.

cardigan-forever 21, dress-rue 21, tights-forever 21, boots-vintage, necklace-express, belt-body shop

double date night

Thursday night marked the beginning of my Spring Break, finally! I went shopping with Twinsie after school, and then to dinner with my boy, my roomie, and her boyfriend who is in town from Johnson City. I felt rather Parisian with my red and stripes :)

shirt-forever 21, jacket-target, jeans-levi's, belt and shoes-wet seal

Friday, March 4, 2011

makeup obsessed

In this situation, the outfit is secondary to the makeup. Partly because I tried new makeup and wanted to capture it, and partly because my outfit was a boring one that I sat around the house in. I wore it again today to lunch with my mom, and tried to replicate my makeup, but it never comes out the same twice. I was going for a vintage, Dita Von Teese type look.
eyeshadow-light tan and yellow cream from coastal scents 120 palette, black shadow as eyeliner-MAC carbon, face-bare escentuals, blush-MAC dollymix, lips-above is just burt's bees tinted cranberry balm, and below is MAC Viva Glam V

sweater dress-thrifted, socks-target

nerdy girl

Most of the items I'm wearing here were brand new from Forever 21, so I just kind of wore them all together :) New clothes make me feel so cute! Even "new" ones from the thrift store have that effect. I went to a friend's cookout this night, and gorged on burgers, quesadillas, and potatoes. Yum.

nerdy glasses sweater-forever 21, striped bodysuit-forever 21, khaki skirt-forever 21, flats-thrifted, 9 necklace-express, pearl necklace-vintage, charm bracelet-betsey johnson