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Thursday, April 28, 2011

aqua everywhere

In addition to purple (see last post) the other color I'm currently obsessed with is teal/blue/aqua. I guess I match my clothes to my hair, and my makeup too. I just love it. I kind of want to put purple streaks in my hair too, and then I'd be complete!

nice shot of my closet room
shirt-h&m, jeans-marshall's, wedges-had them so long I can't remember, necklace-my mom's from college when she was a chi omega, cuff-rue 21, earrings-forever 21

purple rush

I'm extremely into purple this season! I haven't really liked it until now, but I bought several strange purple items that I love. One is this purple skirt I'm wearing, and another is a pair of light purple skinny jeans. Can't wait to wear those! I especially liked this skirt because it shows off my tattoos! haha

shirt-urban outfitters, skirt-forever 21, belt-body shop, shoes-target, jewelry-target

ushering in spring

This outfit was a week or so ago, after school when I really didn't feel like dressing up. I did want to wear springtime colors though, since it is getting warmer every day :) I felt very boring in this, though!

jeans-marshall's, shirt-wet seal, sweater-charlotte russe, sandals-target, necklace-charming charlie

crazy weather

So not only am I ridiculously behind on my posts (15 outfits) but I have been without power for the past 2 days due to the tornadoes and intense storms that have swept through my area. The damage all around my city is significant, especially in Ringgold, about 20 miles from me. Please keep the residents in your thoughts and prayers. Here is a link to how you can help if you live nearby: and to my tumblr where I posted a few photos of the storm and damage:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

contest win!

Goodness me, I'm behind! I have been extraordinarily busy with a competition for school, Skills USA. I was originally the competitor chosen for this by my school, but I was so overwhelmed with additional school work that I traded places with my model. I helped her develop a routine for the facial, and a makeup look. I wrote the description for our look, and kept her calm. And then I modeled for her, which took three straight days at the trade center and basically no sleep! So I feel like I did my part :) Pictures from that coming soon!
I also won a fashion contest lately, for my use of thrift store clothing in my wardrobe! Here is a link to my winning photo, and the blog that sponsored it Thank you so much, Hope!
Here are a few update pictures!
dramatic blue and black eyes I did on Jaz
gave Alexx a facial and braided her hair :)
colorful makeup for the exeCUTE shoot
me and my adorable kitty, Slingblade (my boyfriend named him, don't ask)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hair modeling

This past weekend was so busy and wonderful! Following Palate 2 Palette (where I was an Avatar) I did some hair modeling for a local salon. The reason I am dressed so boring is because they specified what we wore, since it was a Bumble & Bumble class. The amazing hairstyle they did on me is called Victory Rolls, and it is from the 1940s. I loved it! I could not brush my hair at all the next day, however. It was pretty comical. P.S. my necklace says "cupcake"!

black shirt-marshall's, flats-tjmaxx, jeans-levi's, earrings-express, cupcake necklace-charming charlie

hair by hair a go*go

professional mua/avatar

I wore this outfit to meet with the director of an event to discuss doing makeup for them. I not only ended up doing makeup for the event (my own body), I also modeled for it. We had another amazing makeup artist, Apryl, help us out with our faces, but all the models ended up painting their own bodies. I was painted as an Avatar/Na'Vi for this charity fundraiser, and basically spent all day there helping out and then enjoying the event. I can't wait to do more modeling and freelance makeup! It definitely fired me up :)

jacket-forever 21, shirt-tjmaxx, jeggings-urban outfitters, best shoes in the world-forever 21, necklace-target
thanks to apryl hughes for the amazing makeup on my face!
necklace-coldwater creek (wtf?)
I did my own hair and made those scraps of clothing I am wearing as well..haha

happy birthday, baby

On boyf's actual birthday, we went out to dinner with some friends, and I wore the dress I was most excited about wearing that week. I found this Bebe dress for $18 at Plato's closet! It was meant to be. The girls at school did my hair again for the occasion :)

dress-bebe, heels-tjmaxx, earrings-express, bra (since you can see it)-victoria's secret

Sunday, April 3, 2011

in between outfits

My camera died midway through birthday boyfriend week, so I took some phone pictures.

This was the day we picked up our new kitty that I surprised my boyfriend with :) The girls in cosmetology at school did my hair.
dress-h&m, socks-target, shoes-forever 21, necklace-forever 21, earrings-h&m
I cooked homemade pizzas for out friend Simone's birthday this day. I NEVER dress this casually, and it was actually harder for me to pick this out than what I normally wear, haha.
shirt-hollister, pants-american eagle, necklace-charlotte russe
This was the night my mom took us out for boyfriend's birthday, and right when my camera died, hence only one photo. I swear this outfit looked better in person!
sweater-tjmaxx, tuxedo pants-cache', heels-charlotte russe, necklace-target

boyfriend birthday week!

I've convinced my boyfriend to start celebrating his birthday the way I celebrate mine... for a whole week :) We began his week by going out with friends to eat and for drinks. I actually styled my own hair this night, and was pretty happy with the result considering I couldn't see what I was doing! I felt fat all night though :( This shirt is not my friend.

yay for self-styled hair!

shirt that makes me look preggo-forever 21, leggings-miley cyrus for walmart, boots-miss sixty from tjmaxx, cardigan-forever 21, earrings-body shop, necklace-found