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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

contest win!

Goodness me, I'm behind! I have been extraordinarily busy with a competition for school, Skills USA. I was originally the competitor chosen for this by my school, but I was so overwhelmed with additional school work that I traded places with my model. I helped her develop a routine for the facial, and a makeup look. I wrote the description for our look, and kept her calm. And then I modeled for her, which took three straight days at the trade center and basically no sleep! So I feel like I did my part :) Pictures from that coming soon!
I also won a fashion contest lately, for my use of thrift store clothing in my wardrobe! Here is a link to my winning photo, and the blog that sponsored it Thank you so much, Hope!
Here are a few update pictures!
dramatic blue and black eyes I did on Jaz
gave Alexx a facial and braided her hair :)
colorful makeup for the exeCUTE shoot
me and my adorable kitty, Slingblade (my boyfriend named him, don't ask)

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