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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pesky vs Poopy

This post is dedicated to twinsie, who made a posting like this on her blog, and inspired me :)
We both adore the book "Life is a Movie Starring You" by Jennifur Brandt, and in it she makes a list of her likes and dislikes titled "Pesky vs Poopy". So there you have it! Currently in my life the list is as follows:

Pesky (likes)
Staying with my mom and baking brownies at midnight
Painting my condo blue and pink
Picking out decorations and new furniture
Thrift store shopping
Reading, "The Lovely Bones" on my Kindle
My supremely pale skin (haven't tanned in nearly a year!)
Snow pictures
Learning to sew
Sleeping in a cool room with a warm blanket
Looking forward to dressing up for two movie premiers with twinsie!
Movie night with mom and Ash
The possibility of getting a body wave in my hair

Poopy (dislikes)
Feeling confused
Worrying about the future
Stressing about school
My dark under eye circles
Not having motivation to work out
The completion of my condo taking months
Boredom with my appearance
Wishing I had crammed more classes into each semester so I would be finished
Wondering about money and finding a job
My back hurting
Not having my camera cord, or a nice camera to take pictures with

Looks like there is at least one more positive than negative! :)

Kisses and Cupcakes,


  1. looooooooove your new blog header!

    what two movie premieres? I can only think of Alice in Wonderland right now....

  2. celebrate the peskys, babe!