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Friday, May 13, 2011

Skills USA

A few months ago, I was selected by my instructor to be the competitor in an Aesthetics/makeup competition called Skills USA. At first, I was excited, but as I prepared for it I began to realize that I would probably throw up on myself in front of those people. I'm ashamed, but I decided at the last minute to trade places with my model, and be the model for her instead. I'm glad I did, because even without being the competitor it was one of the most time consuming and stressful things ever. Ellee and I both wished we hadn't even signed up! Oh well. We did end up coming in second place, and that was just fine with us :)

Our daily uniform of black pants and a t-shirt. You don't really need to know where these are from, I'm sure.
My classmate Kari, who is our national voting delegate, my instructor, Mrs. Castleberry, and us at the banquet.

I dressed up for the opening banquet. I figured, why not?
shirt- Express, pants- Charlotte Russe, belt- Wet Seal, shoes- TJ Maxx, necklace- Target
Our fantasy makeup we called "Jester in Wonderland"
costume- Hot Topic, hat- Party City
We used Makeup For Ever products, and they are AMAZING.
silver medal winners!

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