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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pesky vs Poopy 2.0

I was reading through my old blogs tonight and I realized 3 things: I badly need Jason to take the photos for my blog, I never updated on the completion of my condo, and I need another pesky vs poopy list. I will be doing all of those things, beginning with my list. It's a current likes and dislikes list, just with a cuter name. You can see my first list, and the reason for the name here. So without further ado:
my sweet, talented boyfriend- Jason
my hilarious cat, Slingblade, who gives me hours of laughter and entertainment
actually finding a career that I enjoy, makeup artistry
being nearly back to my high school weight
having an awesome makeup/photography project to work on with my friend, Simone
cooking healthy, delicious food
summer weather
looking forward to going to Cape Cod with Jason and his family
brunch and the market with my mom
grilling out by the pool
sunless tanner that looks natural and prevents my skin from being damaged :)
wonderful friends
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
a Harry Potter themed party!!
Kawaii anything
the prospect of moving to Orlando and working at Disney World

joint pain
stomach aches
not having a steady source of income
feeling worthless
sitting around my condo, doing nothing
people that are mean to me for no reason at all
being unable to secure my dream job
fear of disappointing my parents
Harry Potter being over forever :(
not seeing my girlfriends as often as I'd like
worrying that I'll never be as successful as I want to be in life
driving (yes, probably always)
being thin, yet completely devoid of muscle tone
not being the best at what I do

Once again, there's more positive than negative :) If i could get this job thing settled, I'd really have nothing to worry about at all. I am still a blessed girl.

Kisses and Cupcakes,

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