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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I checked some items off my looking-forward-to list! I attended the Oscars party with my friend Kalyn in frivolous Lady Gaga inspired costumes, bought some JPG items from Target, went to Jaz's birthday, dressed up for the premiere of Alice in Wonderland, and saw Muse live!
Kalyn and I with teased hair and sassy outfits for the Oscars party.
The "Golden Girls Eating Cheesecake" picture at Twinsie's birthday. Kalyn's face is amazing.
All the pictures were messed up, and this is the only decent one! But they look great at least :)
My Alice costume (through the looking glass, get it? ha)
Me and Jaz all dressed up and I assume looking into Wonderland.
Alice and the Queen of Hearts
The best live show I've ever seen, Muse.
Me and Jamie at Muse!

I LOVE my friends!!!

Kisses and Cupcakes,

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