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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recent Makeup Looks

Sometimes I will get bored late at night, and create a crazy makeup look just for fun. That's exactly what the two pictures directly below are. Just some experimentation with bold colors, contouring, and brows. The rest of the photos are just everyday makeup looks that I have worn recently. 

I filled in my brows with a dark blue shadow to create an alien look, as well as contouring with several different shades of pink on my face and cheekbones. I dotted bright purple in the center of my lips to change their shape, as well. 

I also couldn't resist adding a fake purple mole :)

Starbucks green eyeshadow for my first day of work! 

Red lips and classic silver eyes for my Bettie Boop look

Bright green eyes and Fuschia lips that landed me my second MAC interview

Smoky eyes and nude lips for my new hair

Filled in brows, simple copper eyes, and a bold red lip
Kisses and Cupcakes,

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