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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Day Musings

As I have been cooped up in the house all day feeling sick and unhappy, I decided to make a list of things to look forward to! Within the next several months, there are quite a few exciting things happening in the life of Jess :)

The soonest thing I've got coming up is the premiere of Alice in Wonderland that I will be attending with Jaz, in full costume. I ordered it today! This is on March 5th.
After that, the annual Academy Awards or Oscars AND the Jean Paul Gaultier line for Target are both happening! My friend Kate is having an Oscars party, which I will hopefully get to go to, and dress up! These two are on March 7th.

Next comes twinsie's birthday! I'm having fun shopping for her presents online as of late, as it is pretty much like shopping for myself :) I'm thinking she will have something fabulous planned for her b-day, too. It is on March 10th.
After that, I finally get to see a band live that I have literally waited years to see! Muse is coming to the US at long last, and I get to see them in Nashville on March 15th!
Zac Posen's line for Target comes next, debuting on April 25th!
Then comes another big, super exciting one-The Sex And The City 2 movie! Jaz and I are also dressing up for this premiere, and I keep changing my mind about which outrageous outfit I want to wear. Can't wait!
Now this next one is not set in stone yet, but I am DYING for it to happen. I am trying to plan a girly trip to NYC this spring or summer. I want this to happen more than anything! I went last year, and I just couldn't get enough. I have to go back.
Another uncertain event that I almost don't want to mention for fear of jinxing it is the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The exact date for opening hasn't been announced, but I have been promised by the boyf that he will take me to the opening. Here's hoping it happens!
Yeah, you know I had to use that picture :) I saw him in Equus last time I went to NYC, and it was surprisingly very good. I only went to see Daniel Radcliffe of course, but I ended up loving the play. It was a little awkward seeing him run around naked, though!

Kisses and Cupcakes,


  1. 1) I CANNOT wait for Alice in Wonderland. I'm a little scared about finding/making my costume. I wanted to be the mad hatter but I could much more easily be the Queen of Hearts with things I already have

    2) I'm definitely going to the Oscars Party so you will be too (no excuses Miss)

    3) THANKS for using my super awesome halloween costume picture! :D

    3.5) BIRTHDAY PRESENTS?! Yes, yes please! haha. I don't ever really do anything for my birthday but go out to dinner with my family & a few favorite people. So you are expected to attend that

    4) SEX AND THE CITYYYYYYYYYYYY! I. Can't. Wait. Oh. My. God.

    love you, clearly!

  2. yay, best blog comment ever!! lol you can borrow some of my stuff too for your costume, if you need. i'm so glad you're going to the party, i wouldn't go if you weren't :) that halloween pic is one of my faves, i love the pink hair! yay for your b-day!! we can have an extra special something or other in addition to your family thing, if you want me to plan it for you or whatevs. just say the word and i'd be on it! loves! xoxoxo

  3. yay for Alice in Wonderland. Ah for Zac Posen for Target! Woot! Daniel Radcliffe?! Oh how much I loved him. New York! i am dying to go there too!

  4. target is just wonderful, isn't it? all their designer collaborations have been amazing! i adore daniel radcliffe, i think he's so hot lol

  5. I'm so excited about the JPG Target line...Have you noticed that sometimes our Targets get the items late? When Anna Sui came out, it took two or three weeks for Chattanooga to get them, and Cleveland never got them at all. Cleveland was about two weeks late for Rodarte too.

  6. Yep, and I feel like we never get the full collection! I always find items I like online and then never see them in the store :(