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Friday, June 3, 2011

interview part 3

I guess this sort of counts as interview outfit number 3, but it was over the phone so I didn't have to dress professionally. I was actually out to dinner with my boyfriend when they called me. I had to talk to a representative for about an hour, and now I'm waiting to hear back from Clinique!

gold old boyfriend

dress- Forever 21, wedges- Target, necklace- I can never remember- but probably Wet Seal, belt- Body Central, purse- Coach


  1. Do you have to pay for all of these meals that you and your boyfriend go out on? Your boyfriend doesnt look like he has any money.

  2. Although the above comment was rude and uncalled for, it is also slightly amusing. I will respond only because I laughed when I read it, after I was finished being angry. it's really none of your business, but usually my boyfriend and I just pay for our own meals when we go out. I pay for mine, he pays for his. I have no problem with this. We are in our early twenties and I do not expect him to support me. That would be ridiculous. Anyway, strangely enough, the night that these pictures were taken, he took me out for dinner and did pay for my meal. And as for "looking like he has no money"... how can you tell that by looking at someone?

  3. Well he obviously doesn't because you just said so. So they would be right.